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Title: "Half My Heart"
Fandom: Skins
Characters: Naomi, Emily
Rating: R for language
Word count: 1,548
Summary: A few evolutions from the summer explained. In small part due to E4's blogs sucking just a bit.
Disclaimer: All characters are property of E4 and all its employees. This is a work of fiction for fiction and it couldn't be further from the intention of infringement if it tried.

Her first thought was 'fuck it’, plain and simple. It was easy, she thought, to throw not only caution to the wind, but simply everything. And that, even more simply, this is how things should be.

It shouldn't have to be so hard. It really shouldn't. This is real justice, the celebration of what two individuals choose to do, and, as she got used to it, what she should have been doing all along: loving. Love, being open, whatever those words of ultimate cliche were, it wasn't about being chained to anything, it was all actually anything but.

She didn't expect Emily would be the one to set her free.

That cunt.


Light poured in straight through her windows. She became faintly aware of an oncoming snore and was greeted to the new day with a fresh swat to her arm. She grunted awake.

“Oi, what you getting at?” she mumbled out as she squinted into consciousness, ready for a scowl. Emily's look softened her. This she had just enough awareness to try and resist.

“You were well ready to start snoring, and, I'm sorry babe, but it's just as unappealing when I'm asleep as it is when I'm already up.” Emily smiled slowly, let it reach the ends of her cheeks, and crinkled the edges of her eyes.

Naomi felt her resolve drip out of her, just as fastidiously as the dream she was having a moment ago. She felt it and decided to do nothing about it.

“Yeah, well. Can't help how my body's made up, can I.” She reached forward for a quick kiss in the bedroom. Emily followed it quickly with one of her own. Tit for tat.

“Speaking of, the woman who raised you seems to be cooking us breakfast.” The scent of eggs and ... whatever her mother’s decided to experiment with wafted in as she came to her senses and Naomi reacted with an eyeroll. “Do you think it best we grace her with our presence?” Emily provided cheerfully.

Naomi didn't move for a second, taking in the possibility of enjoying the first meal of the day with Emily, on a day she didn’t yet have plans for or--and just the mere option that there was an alternative was striking--staying in bed, turning her body over, facing Emily and taking her body in her hands forcefully, just to feel it all, to own every moan from her mouth in her own with just a few strokes right there, right then, however she wished.

Emily eyed her curiously, her growing silence suddenly becoming suspicious. She cocked her head and began to speak, when Naomi cut her off.

“Breakfast can wait,” she said breathlessly.

“Yeah, but don't you think--”

“No, I don’t.” She captured Emily in a kiss and did exactly as her preceding imagination conducted. No, she certainly didn’t need to think. About much.


The thing about reckless abandon is that no matter how reckless, it had to start somewhere.

Thankfully, Gina had enough abandon for the both of them.

“Tea?” she asked, perking up significantly. She was just as surprised as the next onlooker to see the two of them finish their plates. Granted, it was just eggs in toast, but it was still a new kind of concoction for her.

“Yes, please.” Emily rasped out. The morning had already tired her out, it seemed.

“You know, I’ve just received this amazing book in the post today. It describes this wonderful--”

“Thanks mum, we’ll be going now.” Naomi swiftly grabs Emily's wrist, grabs them both their coats, nearly knocking off the hanger at the same time, and shuts the door behind her.

“... Kind of waterfall. Honey, if I knew you were so opposed to water reacing to gravity, I wouldn't have even brought it up!” Gina calls out.

Naomi lets out a breath of relief. “You think she heard us this morning?” she queries, looking at Emily. In reply, Emily slips her hand in hers, levels her with a look, and says, “Since when did you seek reassurance?”

And the tone of the day was set.


Last week, they'd realized they hate pub quizzes, since finding them all utterly pointless. So they went there during the afternoons just to listen in on Keith's insane questions and to listen in on the old people's conversations. Once Naomi’d drink enough to lose most of her inhibitions, she could come up with a mean imitation, and with a few more, belt them out so all could hear. More often than not, some old coot would catch on causing a confrontation, and Naomi would stand up, looking taller than Emily remembered her, and ask if there was a problem. Instead of getting even more indignant, there would be a clever lie, something like how she missed her own grandparents and that being without them brought out the worst in her. Should they understand, the oncoming apology would be taken in stride. They almost always did.

One time, Emily tried for an imitation, but it was too spot-on that no one even noticed. It took Naomi a solid half an hour to recover and Emily just five to get around to laughing at herself. It helped that Naomi had immediately reached her hand out to cover Emily’s, grasping at it for dear life, laughs consuming her fully.

At this point, they'd gone there so often that once they’d enter, the first group to notice them would buy them a round. Free drinks, Naomi thought, would be somewhere on the top of her list of pros in this new life of hers. Emily gave her hand a squeeze as they entered, and smiled a small smile at her, reminding her why she had a new life in the first place.

She could do anything, she determined. Having someone to share things with at any given time only made it that much more worthwhile. No matter what happened, it made it mean that much more and it occurred to her then, that being with someone didn’t feel like giving up anymore--it felt like gaining an advantage she wasn’t aware existed.

“All right then,” the bartender called out, “Who here knows Croatian?” He croaked out begrudgingly as he threw his bar rag down in contempt.

Naomi grinned. “I'm glad we didn't make plans for today.”

Emily looked over at her appreciatively. “Me too. Definitely.” She leaned over and kissed Naomi softly because no one cared and she didn't give a shit if anyone did.

Naomi kissed her back, and gave her another peck before pulling away. It wasn't like her to smile after sweet moments, but just, fucking Christ if she didn't reveal parts of herself she found buried day after day, spending them with Emily. Old Naomi would punch this Naomi for being such a useless sap, but it seemed Old Naomi didn't exist anymore. Someone else would have to punch this useless sap, if anything.

“Well then,” Naomi grasped the arms of her chair and looked alarmingly affectionately at the girl now eyeing her carefully. “Ready for an anthem?”

Emily nodded. Naomi stood, faced her audience. Here’s to not caring and caring at the same time, she thought.

And took in a breath.


Naomi rubbed at the back of her head. A bump was surely on its rise, right at her crown, that she was sure of.

“How was I supposed to know I was offending people? Not like I knew I was walking right into a proper pissing match, now did I? Those cunting fucks.”

“Maybe your pronunciation is better after you're a bit more, well, off your head.”

“Right, Jagermeister is a real Rosetta Stone and we’d been fooling ourselves this whole time.” She winced as a pack of ice landed on her head and Emily softly cupped her cheek from the other side.

“Sorry, it slipped out of my grasp at the last second.” She bent down to kiss her on her forehead. “Won't happen again.”

“Yeah. I'm glad to have the house to ourselves--”

“Oh, Naoms, I see you're in early.”

“... for a bit.” Naomi loosened her grimace. “Hi mum.”

“I knew I'd get bored today, what with the co-op being out of commission at the moment, so I popped out to rent a movie and,” she reached into her bag, rummaged around a bit, and presented the two of them with her find. “well, do you fancy a mind-number?” She shook it around, enthusiastic look planted on her face.

Naomi sighed. Emily gave her an incredulous look, belying her probably desire to actually watch people singing in Greece.

“Well, why not.” Naomi gave in like she knew she would. Like she knew she always would from here on because Emily? If she wasn't so seemingly complacent, could honestly go on to command whole nations with one twinge of her eyebrows, or a quirk of her lips.

It was decided then, that their lazy weekend night would be spent dancing to ABBA and munching on weird snacks. Neither even missed much, and if this aged them, Naomi didn't care, because she would choose love over anything. She found it hard to care about much else than being happy with Emily around.

It was easy to forget why she was ever scared.

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