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A Katie Fitch standalone mix that's actually quite depressing. Well, right in time for the holidays, right? Also, cover is a bit deceiving I realized. The mood doesn't fit it at all.

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The ship that will never sail, but I love them regardless. A mix for Katie/Naomi based on In Keeping Secrets, which does them both quite the justice.

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Also, here's a 1440x900 wallpaper of the cover. Unpolished but still presentable-like )
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A mix for Kingsley Martin, not to be forgotten or ignored.

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Another one of them confounded mixes, just for you! And everyone else. This one's about Naomi Campbell and her troublesome history with life and everything. She's got problems, it's true.

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A fanmix for Mimi Force circa the end of Book 1. One mix each for two out of the three girls in Blue Bloods already? You'd think I was obsessed! :o! Surprise, I am!

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Felt it was necessary to finally get this done. A Katie/Effy fanmix set to the possibly familiar tune of the Bedlam series.

And look, a thumbnail preview thing! It's a rarity for me.

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It is super late in the game, but I finally got around to getting this together and I still wanted to post it, so .. yeah. I did it.

Effy/Emily and Naomi based on Transverse by that author who's really popular and stuff.

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